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1945 on the 12th 2010 [Jan. 12th, 2010|07:51 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

so I leave this saturday. I'm very excited about going home but I'm sad about leaving Zach. but I'll see him in a few months. I'll be heading to the desert in mid-late spring. not much going on just packing, can't wait to get home :) .... he loves me... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(no subject) [Dec. 10th, 2009|04:23 pm]

my boyfriend's little girl loves to sing this song :D
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test... this is just a test [Nov. 23rd, 2009|06:32 pm]
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my weekend in a nutshell [Oct. 25th, 2009|08:45 pm]
[Current Location |the Kor]
[Current Mood |melancholymelancholy]
[Current Music |naked pictures (of your mother)--Electric Six]

friday night-worked till probably 5 or 6 then chillin with one of the new guys playin PS2.... and then vid chatting with a good friend from tech school
saturday night-drinking off base till like 11 pm
sunday-work from 0900-2030...
can you say FML
5th weekend in a row of working... I've had maybe 6 days off the past month and a week
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been a while [Oct. 12th, 2009|10:24 am]
[Current Location |In mah rooom]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[Current Music |avenged seven fold - strength of the world]

so here I go...
it's october now, I still work the same number of hours. I've been on the weekend duty crew for the past three weekends, two of which have been three day weekends.
so I totally had one of thoes bad movie moments lastnight. let me start with, I know an awesome army guy that I've been talking to for a while... let's call him Mark, then there's another guy who is air force that I met like a week ago. well the guy I met a week ago let's call him Joe. well Joe is a cool guy, he's nice but kinda standoffish like he's playing the stupid, I'll pay attention to you for a min then act uninterested, (which I HATE) and Mark is sweet and pays attention to me and I really like him, but he's stationed like 45 min away from me. well Joe and I have been hanging out this past week and then I got pissed at him for stupid shit. so I go out with Mark lastnight to Kareoke with some friends, and Joe shows up, I was like.... fuck my life, he bugged me for a little bit but he ended up leaving me alone, which was nice. lol I only got to two step with mark for a couple songs, but we had a good time over all. work has been slow, but it's starting to pick up again, and I've been working 12s again bleh! but atleast now I have a cool supervisor that I get along with, he told me on saturday (on weekend duty) that my old supervisor was going to give me a 3 or a 4 on my EPR (enlisted performance report) which is bad, EPRs give you a certain number of points for rank promotion it adds up with your test score and PT test and stuff like that to give you a score and rank you in a number order and if you scored high enough your number is basically when you get promoted and sew on you're next rank. I am so ready to go to Germany!!! I miss home a lot. I keep having dreams that I'm at my parent's house. I was up for a couple hours this morning then passed out for another 6 hours till 6pm...work tomorrow is going to suck lol hopefully I'll be able to go back to sleep.
I really like "Mark" probably more than I should have let myself. I'm going to germany and he's going back to oklahoma to his old base and getting deployed to Saudi and I'll be getting deployed to bogram. :( it's going to suck when I leave.....
I'm so tired of work here..... it really sucks
I miss the SCA, I can't wait for Germany!!!
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KOOORRREEAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Apr. 28th, 2009|01:09 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[Current Music |Michael Buble-I Wish You Love]

I've been working 12-14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week for the past two months or so. it's been hell and my supervisor, who I work with pretty much the whole time every day, hates me, and I hate him.... yeah.... my temper has been seeming to be getting shorter and shorter... :( not a good thing... Ihad this guy I was with. he got stationed stateside so that ended the day he left three weeks ago... it feels like it's been like a month and a half or more since he left... although everything kind of blends together after a while... like, I work, I try to study, and I party. I'm cutting back on drinking... been spending too much money on drinking... haha...
I love my job even though I hate the hours we've been putting in. rumors spread like wild fire here. as bad or worse than high school. people call this place, Osan Hi hahaha I can't wait to take my leave!!! and once I'm done here I get to go to Germany!! YAYS!
by the way, nothing kicked off with N. Korea lol. We just had a really big inspection this past week... it was okay. I think we did very well.
Oh, and if anyone wants a dog, let me know... he's free.. the only thing is that he's in Maine. I can't live off base when I get to germany and he's been a bit much for my parents who already have a dog. he's a rottie lab mix. he looks like a lab. about 60lbs. has all his shots. he has some training, like sit, wait, down. simple stuff like that. he's about a year old now. he's all black and a licker. his name is Felix. if you know anyone that wants a dog and is willing to make the trip up there to get him, he needs a good home because even if I could take him, I'll still be working like 12 hour shifts and I'll be getting deployed so I won't be able to take care of him like he deserves.
other than having to find my dog a new home, there's not really much else going on with me... I'm single, soon to be dog-less, and on the other side of the world from people who really care about me, oh, and I have a kinda shitty supervisor... :( lol other than all that I'm great hahaha
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2009|08:03 pm]
[Current Mood |giddygiddy]

North Korea sucks!!! I can't really say much of what I know. I can say watch the news and look at what japan is saying and what north Korea is saying. I'll try to post on my myspace and on here often is something goes down. son't worry though, I'm sure if something does happen, i'll be fine :)
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life [Jan. 29th, 2009|04:28 am]
[Current Location |Korea]
[Current Mood |discontentdiscontent]
[Current Music |letters from war]

life is good of course for the whole getting in trouble for missing a class and random stuff. and starting to fall for someone when you know it will end the same way everything else has. all I have that I true and stable in my life is my family, my puppy dog, and my job. when I get to Germany in a year I will probably/most likely be getting deployed to the desert. I'm kinda happy about it. I want to help, I want to be a part of it. don't get me wrong, my job isn't easy, I work 11 or 12 hour shifts every day and I'm sick like a dog right now, but I still have to go in anyway, we don't get sick days in the military. I miss home in a lot of ways, but I also love it here. the different culture is amazing. and I have always wanted to travel, I'm pretty much living my dream. I'm doing something I enjoy and I'm traveling all over the world. it's not offten you get to do what you want the most. I just wish I had someone special to share it with. I was engaged from october 11 to right after christmas. a friend who I've known for 10 years and he cheated on me. I recently found out that he had been in a relationship with her for two months before I found out. so needless to say I'm having a hard time trusting men right now. it kinda sucks...... but whatever... I kinda miss home...
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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2008|11:08 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |hero/heroine : boys like girls]

hello everyone!! I'm doing fantastic! I leave for Korea in like a week. i'm done with tech school and I'm headed into the operational Air Force woot! got a laptop for christmas with a built in webcam so I can c=video chat while I'm in Korea :) download skype to talk to me :) just turned 21!! gonna be in Florida for New years!! planning on drinkin!!!! woot!!
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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2008|04:40 pm]
at tech school. it's okay. a lot like college but the classes are more accelerated. I need to drop the football team... so that I make sure I have time to get sleep and time to study. I'm becoming an activist with my church community. I'll get a rope for band in like a week or so... I can't believe I've been here for almost a month. !!!!! I've been in the airforce for 3 months now lol. it feels longer than that but whatever. I have a breifing in a few min have to go.
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