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KOOORRREEAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! - WHAT YOU SAY?? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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KOOORRREEAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Apr. 28th, 2009|01:09 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[Current Music |Michael Buble-I Wish You Love]

I've been working 12-14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week for the past two months or so. it's been hell and my supervisor, who I work with pretty much the whole time every day, hates me, and I hate him.... yeah.... my temper has been seeming to be getting shorter and shorter... :( not a good thing... Ihad this guy I was with. he got stationed stateside so that ended the day he left three weeks ago... it feels like it's been like a month and a half or more since he left... although everything kind of blends together after a while... like, I work, I try to study, and I party. I'm cutting back on drinking... been spending too much money on drinking... haha...
I love my job even though I hate the hours we've been putting in. rumors spread like wild fire here. as bad or worse than high school. people call this place, Osan Hi hahaha I can't wait to take my leave!!! and once I'm done here I get to go to Germany!! YAYS!
by the way, nothing kicked off with N. Korea lol. We just had a really big inspection this past week... it was okay. I think we did very well.
Oh, and if anyone wants a dog, let me know... he's free.. the only thing is that he's in Maine. I can't live off base when I get to germany and he's been a bit much for my parents who already have a dog. he's a rottie lab mix. he looks like a lab. about 60lbs. has all his shots. he has some training, like sit, wait, down. simple stuff like that. he's about a year old now. he's all black and a licker. his name is Felix. if you know anyone that wants a dog and is willing to make the trip up there to get him, he needs a good home because even if I could take him, I'll still be working like 12 hour shifts and I'll be getting deployed so I won't be able to take care of him like he deserves.
other than having to find my dog a new home, there's not really much else going on with me... I'm single, soon to be dog-less, and on the other side of the world from people who really care about me, oh, and I have a kinda shitty supervisor... :( lol other than all that I'm great hahaha